• 2011 APR.
      Global Source Expo. Booth No.: 5D37
    • 2011 MAR.
      I-Accessories MilkTM launched. (MFI qualified)
    • 2010 DEC.
      DKM-03A Module updates from PRD1.0 to PRD2.1. QDID: B012509.
    • 2010 AUG.
      DKM-04 R Module BQB qualified. QDID: B017012.
    • 2010 JAN.
      Developed first CSR BC04 cored HCI Module (DKM-04R) applying to automotive and GPS devices
    • 2009 NOV.
      Our ODM product with TTS (Text-to-speech) features carkit GT020 is released.
    • 2008 JUL.
      enesis DKM-05A Module (CSR BC05) released
    • 2006 JUL.
      Genesis first stereo Bluetooth solution using DKM-03A (CSR BC03) + CVC technology provide to automotive market
    • 2005 DEC.
      First car audio module incorporate with CSR BC02 MOD + FM1073 (Fortemedia) release to market
    • 2003 JUL.
      First Bluetooth car hands free GT 009 release to market